Make an impact across millions of users

Mindhak builds the technical infrastructure that makes impactful companies possible—but it’s not just startups that rely on us. The way we see it, every small to medium size company has the potential to benefit from our services, and as the demand for new business comes online, they too will need our services.

That’s why it’s a great time to join Mindhak. Each day we serve users from around the world, delivering dopamine in mass quantities. We’ve got big goals to reach and demanding challenges to solve, so if you feel you can help grow us, join us in our mission to help like-minded people connect in a safe, open, and supportive environment.


Our headquarters is just south of Denver and includes a beautiful sun-filled atrium, a private outdoor deck, and even a (semi-hidden) beer tab.



We guarantee a great work experience no matter if your working from one of our coworking spaces, your living room, or you’re decked out RV as you travel the country!



According to Forbes, Ukraine is one of the best-kept secrets of Silicon Valley and our office is located in the heart of Kiev.


A colorful, bright office located in the heart of the fintech district in downtown Bucharest.