UX Designers are using Psychology To “Manipulate” Users

We all know that in today’s world, technology is king. With the increased use of the internet, the UX designer has become one of the most important jobs.UX designers often operate behind the scenes, using clever tactics to engage visitors on their websites. Many don’t realize that an important aspect of being a UX designer […]

The psychology of Web design: How colors, typefaces and spacing affect your mood

Web design is an art that goes beyond producing content. Those in the industry know that a good web layout can invoke both positive or negative feelings from its users. Web designers have begun to employ psychology-based designs in their web pages, in order to fully capture the attention of viewers. Web designers that wish […]

How Your Website Affects the Customer’s Subconscious

In less than 10 seconds, a big percentage of the people who visit your restaurant’s website will bolt. With little hesitation, they will click the back button or type in a new URL. Some will realize that what they are looking for isn’t on your website, but many users who bounce (a web analytics term) […]

How to Persuade Someone Online: A Simple 5-Step Approach

Read a lot of business websites for fun? Me, neither. With the rare exception, most of us would rather be enjoying our hobbies and spending time with family and friends. If we want to be entertained online, there’s always social media and funny cat videos. Your business website isn’t there just to entertain or look […]