Send all of your marketing data to Google Data Studioin minutes

Send all of your marketing data to Google Data Studio in minutes

Connect over 500 platforms through a single data source.

Connect over 500 platforms through a single data source.

How does it work?

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Let’s talk Benefits

Consolidate Your Data

If you have data from multiple data platforms, this can be a challenge to interpret. We can help you take data from multiple platforms and consolidate them into a single chart or table.

Our data funnel service can connect all of your platforms into a single data source, expediting your data analytics. 

Customize Your Data Groups

In addition, we can also customize your data into groups. We can create rules that will segment your data in a way that makes the most sense to you.

We also have data transformation tools that can be used easily to convert just about any data point you can imagine.

Customize Your Metrics

You need to keep track of your KPIs, which is why our funnel uses conditions, automated rules, and simple formulas to help you keep track of the metrics that matter most to you. 

Calculating ROI or adding agency fees to marketing costs has never been easier.

Connect To Your Platforms Easily

We can integrate your marketing, sales, and advertising platforms into one place. Everything will be in Google Data Studio for you when you need it.

if you are having trouble finding the platform you need, we can build it for you! 

Meet Your Deadlines

Your reports are always up-to-date and on time. Because all of your data will automatically sync with Google Data Studio, your dashboards will remain on target.

We also can set up track to display historic data to see if any changes have to be made. 

Prioritize Your Security

Reliability and security are at the top of our priority list. We encrypt all of your data transfer.

Our security development teams ensure that your data will always safe.