Template Examples

All-in-one Search Console Template

Explore your Google Search Console
data and identify areas for improvement
in your SEO strategy.

Ecommerce Revenue Template

Monitor your Ecommerce revenue in
one place and easily compare it to a
previous period or year.

Anthony Bourdain: Travels and Tribulations

Visualizing the countries and continents
visited by Anthony Bourdain.

How much do countries invest in Research & Development?

Visualizing R&D expenditure by country
and region from 2011-2016.

Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

This report shows you how to train a
machine learning model and make
predictions using TensorFlow.js

Overview of Google Analytics (Blue World report)

An overview of your Google Analytics
data on a widescreen one page report.

📌 Google Ads Monitoring Report

Monitoring your Google Ad Account as
a funnel

Data Architect: Facebook Ads KPIs overview

This report presents Facebook KPIs
overview, campaign performance
overview and inline click links overview.

MLS Players on Both Sides of Fouls in 2018

Which MLS Players most often commit
fouls vs suffering fouls

SFO Passenger Data - Command Center Design

A summary of passenger data from SFO
that tests some new design themes.

Website & Marketing Performance Report

High level Google Analytics template
from Aro Digital

Nonprofit Web Data Template

We’ve put together this dashboard to
help your nonprofit interact with
important web data that will help you drive impact

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