SEO Monthly Monitoring

$250.00 / month

Get a monthly 10-page report on your website’s technical and SEO health.



SEO Monitoring Service

Mindhak recognizes the dangers of negative SEO, compromised websites, and human error; all of which may affect search engine rankings. Our innovative SEO Monitoring Service will give you peace of mind knowing your website and rankings are intact with monthly reporting.

We also understand that Google removes critical search term data from Search Analytics every 30 days, and includes a full download of this data for later use.

What’s Monitored in the Service?

Our Basic Monitoring plan includes a deep dive into Google Search Console, recent inbound links, identifying security vulnerabilities, monitoring files that may cause your website to be removed from search engine indexes, also monthly page speed test and site health scans performed daily to alert you of any issues before Google catches them.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll receive in the monthly report:

  1. Show Google Search Analytics queries (prior month)
  2. Show recent inbound links (prior month)
  3. Link to online keyword ranking reports (up to 20 keywords)
  4. Show crawl and error reports
  5. Search Console: Security Issues
  6. Search Console: Manual Actions
  7. Search Console: Blocked Resources
  8. Search Console: Crawl Errors
  9. Search Console: Mobile Usability
  10. Search Console: HTML Improvements
  11. Search Console: Latest Links to Your Site
  12. Search Console: Internal Links
  13. Monitoring report of robots.txt file changes
  14. Monitoring report of security vulnerabilities (malware, blacklisting, injected spam, defacement)
  15. Website page speed test
  16. Website site health daily test


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