We Display Your Data in a Way That Makes Sense To You


Are you tired of spending countless hours cleaning data in your spreadsheet, trying to figure out how to code your information, or spending an inordinate amount of time on clerical tasks? Would you rather be focusing on other areas of your business? We are here to help you!

Make Your Life Easier

Unfortunately, people have a habit of making things harder than they have to be.  If you have spent a lot of time transforming data by hand, we have a way to make this easier.

We provide you with access to view your data the want you wanted to with out running around to different sites collecting data just to plug it all into a spread sheet.

When it comes to data, if you can desire it, we can display it.

Know What Drives Your Results

If you want to run a successful business today, then you need to know what drives your business results. What are your key performance indicators?

Once you figure this out, we can help you map your data. That way, you always know what’s working and what’s not. In the business world, the same thing can be described in different ways. If you are tired of seeing words like “cost,” “spend,” and “expenses,” which all mean the same thing, we can integrate your data in the same place!

No matter what your key metrics might be, we will make sure they are listed in harmony with one another. 

Feel Right at Home with Funnel Reports

If you need to perform lookups, advanced calculations, and even regex, we can handle this! You can even work with different currencies! 

Automation is the way of the future and we are here to help you get there. Instead of having to track everything by hand, allow our advanced tools to integrate all of the data in one place. Contact us today to find out more! 

It’s time to get technical

Sometimes we need to get our hands dirty and really dive into the data to provide more clarity.

Lookups, regex and advanced calculations are all possible and allow you to enhance your data even further.

Technical whizz or not, you’ll feel right at home in Funnel.

Working in different markets with different currencies? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re advertising in different markets, the chances are you’re working with different currencies, but you probably only report in one.

Managing the ever changing exchange rates is a logistical nightmare. Say hello to automated currency conversions, it’s the future.