We Build Websites That Release Dopamine.

Our platform uses AI and Neuroscience to create a good feeling on your website. We design each website
around human dopamine to hook each user. They'll stay longer and engage more. Up to 167% more.

Adele needed a facelift to her website before the launch of her 2016 North America tour, so her team contacted us and told us everything they wanted, and with our feedback, we came up with a fantastic design.

Two months later, we had her site completely rebuild as just in time for her tour announcement, and we made sure our code was light enough to handle the millions of people that would be hitting her site over the next few days in what would turn out to be the fastest sellout for a US tour ever.

Dopamine. Also known as the “feel–good” hormone, is a hormone and neurotransmitter that’s an important part of your brain’s reward system. As you can see, if your website can give people what they want to make them feel good aka Dopamine, your sales will skyrocket.

denver website design

Greenday is one of the most successful rock groups over the past two decades. Over that period, their website has changed time and time again.

When we started, we wanted to create a few concepts of what our vision was of Greenday. We wanted the website to be simple with a bold, in-your-face intro.

We nailed it right on the head by creating a site that complements how loud and out of control they are.

Our 7 Step Website Design and Development Process

1: Ideation and Wireframing

Working closely and brainstorming with clients expedites the entire process of creativity. Sitting in a room with all the key players and a whiteboard to layout the website will help align our strategy with the client’s business goals.

2: Content and SEO

Our SEO team exams the elements of content that are required within a site and how to make sure the website is ranked highly by key search engines.

3: Creative and user interface

Here is where we design the visual ‘look and feel’ for the website and ensure it appeals to each type of target audience on their journey through the website. We start to develop more realistic fonts, content, image dimensions, and button styles, which helps to visualize how the site might work before adding the colors and imagery.

4: Website development

During this stage, our developers are in their element; building, writing fresh code, and testing to make sure the website is slick and super-speedy.

5: Website launch

What do we need to do as the bespoke website build nears completion? We run a series of final checks and make sure the client has the skills needed to start working with their new site. These include:

6: Website maintenance

To make sure our clients keep their website in tip-top shape, we recommend that anyone with a CMS website invests in a support and maintenance plan.

7: Website evaluation and improvement

Why do we say a website project never ends? Because it’s crucial to continually review performance and conversions. We meet with clients to review three and six months after launch.

Prince is one of the most loved and well-known names globally and had been an icon for decades.

We worked on two different designs for his site. One was ten years ago, and the other was to honor his memory.

The latest website was set up to showcase images throughout his life in a never-ending slider and a way for people to post what Prince meant to them.

When Steve Wynn started working on his latest resort in Las Vegas, he and his team wanted a website design that exudes elegance. Our team sat around all day and came up with what you see here.

The Wynn casino was built for a price tag of 1 billion dollars and was designed with pure elegance in mind, so we decided to showcase the website and all its beauty on the main home page.

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